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Shakeology FAQ – Shakeology Nutrition Facts and Information

Shakeology FAQ

The Beachbody Shakeology meal replacement shake has caught the attention of thousands who are looking to lose weight or who simply want to enjoy the benefits that this ultra-nutritious drink offers. If you’ve just been introduced to Shakeology or simply have some questions that you need answered before ordering, here are some of the most popular Shakeology FAQ’s:

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Is Shakeology Gluten-Free?

While Shakeology is made of 100% gluten-free ingredients, at the moment it does not have gluten-free certification because of the fact that it is manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat ingredients.

Does Shakeology Taste Good?

Shakeology comes in two flavors — Chocolate and Greenberry. While both taste delicious, the degree of sweetness is different for each. There is no doubt that chocolate is the crowd favorite because of its inherent sweetness and creaminess, but Greenberry also has its own unique and fruity flavor.

How Does Shakeology Taste?

This is kind of difficult to explain considering that everyone has different tastes and preferences, but Shakeology’s taste is usually one of the first things that new customers rave about. Chocolate Shakeology tastes like a chocolate milkshake from your favorite fast food joint — it’s creamy and downright delicious. Greenberry, on the other hand, has a stronger taste and is not quite as sweet as chocolate. It does, however, possess a refreshing berry flavor that’s favored by individuals who don’t like their beverages to be overly sweet.

Is Shakeology a Scam?

No, there is no Shakeology scam being pulled on an unsuspecting public. Shakeology has been recommended by more than 100 doctors and health practitioners and contains a nutritional profile that is second to none when it comes to meal replacement shakes. Shakeology is also backed by Beachbody’s bottom-of-the-bag, 30 day money back guarantee.

Is Shakeology Good?

Yes, It has antioxidants and phytonutrients that strengthen the immune system; proteins that facilitate muscle growth, digestive enzymes that promote better nutrient absorption and vitamins and minerals that aid in better body function.

Is Shakeology Good for You?

Yes, Shakeology is good for you! The unique whole food ingredients contained in every Shakeology shake promote weight loss, detoxifies the body of toxins, and reduces risk of heart disease, cancers, and other degenerative diseases.

Is Shakeology Vegan?

No. It’s not vegan in the strictest meaning of the term since one of its protein sources is whey, a derivative of cow’s milk. This, however, is the only animal-based ingredient in Shakeology.

How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

One 30-day pack of Shakeology costs $119.95 plus shipping and handling. By placing a Home Direct order (the monthly Shakeology autoship program), you’ll also receive a FREE Shakeology shaker cup.

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Is Shakeology Safe?

Yes. Because Shakeology ingredients are natural and derived from whole food sources, there are no known negative side-effects to it. However, those on medication, women who are pregnant or nursing, or those who have diabetes should get the go-ahead from their doctor prior to drinking Shakeology.

Is Shakeology Kosher?

No, Shakeology is not kosher, but Beachbody is actively looking into the possibility.

How Long Does Shakeology Last?

When taken once a day using the level scoop provided, one pack can last an individual for 30 days.

What Does Shakeology Taste Like?

Chocolate Shakeology tastes like any regular chocolate milkshake. Greenberry, however, is more difficult to explain except to say that it has a strong taste that gives a hint of berry the more you sip it.

Is Shakeology Healthy?

Yes, it’s very healthy. It has 23 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, proteins and amino acids, adaptogens, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. Plus, it has no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose added.

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