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Shakeology vs. Slim Fast – Which is the Better Meal Replacement Shake?

Shakeology vs. Slim Fast

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In this Shakeology vs. Slim Fast comparison, we’ll take an in-depth look at both of these popular meal replacement shakes to see which one provides better overall nutrition.

Shakeology vs. Slim Fast Shakes – Best Meal Replacement Product?

Shakeology and Slim Fast are both products that have made it big in the health and nutrition market because of their ability to help individuals lose weight. Both introduced as meal replacement formulas, individuals can simply mix these powders with water or milk and drink them as they’re on the go. Both meal replacements can also be blended with fruit and other ingredients for a smoothie-like health drink.

Because of the dramatic effects it has on weight loss, there are thousands of people who replace two meals a day with Slim Fast shakes. Unfortunately, the very nature of the Slim Fast ingredients mean that this isn’t always the best or and healthiest course of action to take. True, those striving to shed some pounds do lose weight, but they often do not end up healthier in the process.

One of the reasons for this is that Slim Fast makes use of artificial extracts in its formula. When we ingest something that is not natural, our wonderfully protective systems work double time to prevent its spread, blocking others entry, or flushing others out. As a result, not only do all nutrients not get absorbed, the body also gets stressed in the process.

The Shakeology ingredients, meanwhile, are composed of over 70 whole foods sourced from all over the world. Because these foods are naturally meant to be eaten, all nutrients can easily be digested by the body. When nutrients are absorbed, our body is able to function at a higher level and we enjoy the benefits of that as a result.

Slim Fast Ingredients – Artificial Sweeteners

An example of this fact is present in the sweeteners Slim Fast uses to flavor its drinks. Acesulfame potassium and aspartame are artificial sweeteners used in Slim Fast shakes.

Scientific studies done on these artificial sweeteners point to the fact that they can lead to a variety of health problems that include, among other things, the development of cancers. In fact, some individuals who have been using Slim Fast have reported symptoms of gallbladder disease.

Again, this can be traced to the highly-processed, artificial ingredients used in the formulation of this particular weight loss shake. In contrast, the Beachbody Shakeology meal replacement shake uses fructose taken from a non-GMO source and as such is safe for the young and old alike (although you might want to consult with a doctor first if you want to introduce your child to this beverage).

Using these artificial sugars, Slim Fast has a wide spectrum of flavors — French vanilla, cappuccino, strawberries n’cream, rich chocolate, and milk chocolate. And yet, they all leave that weird chalky taste in the mouth. While Shakeology may only come in two flavors at the moment (chocolate and greenberry), the taste is smooth and clean and goes down easily, leaving no aftertaste or residue.

Finally, Shakeology is more helpful as a weight loss tool compared to Slim Fast because it gives the body highly nutritious calories taken from rich and natural green and red superfoods. This explains why those who replace their meals with this beverage stay fuller for longer without any sugar cravings.

Slim Fast gives the body nutrients that have already been stripped of the majority of nutritive value and as a result does not give the kind of satiety that Shakeology provides. In the end, it is much easier to snack needlessly when you are on Slim Fast, ultimately derailing your weight loss efforts.

When you take into account all of the above, it’s clear why people are so interested in seeing comparisons of Shakeology vs. other shakes. When it comes to meal replacement products, Shakeology truly packs the greatest punch nutritionally.

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