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Shakeology Nutrition Value – A Guide to Shakeology Nutrition

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When it comes to Shakeology nutrition value, no other meal replacement shake quite compares. Why is it that so many people (many of them initially staunch critics of this new revolutionary beverage by Beachbody) now swear by it and can’t afford to let a day go by without a glass?

It’s all in the formulation, and one glance at the Shakeology nutrition label will show you everything you need to know and more. Indeed, when Beachbody used the phrase “nutrition simplified”, they hit the nail on the head.

Shakeology Nutrition Facts – What is in Shakeology?

The Shakeology meal replacement shake is made from vegetables, fruits, and other whole food sources that have been proven by current scientific research to be extremely beneficial to our health. In fact, each Shakeology shake contains 70 wholesome ingredients that make it a powerful strengthener of the immune system, while also helping to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and aiding in weight loss.

With just the right blend of life-giving amino acids, proteins, and immune system-boosting antioxidants, Shakeology is one drink that towers over and above every other meal replacement product on the market today.

Shakeology Nutrition Label – The Ingredients

Shakeology Nutrition LabelSo let’s get to the heart of why Shakeology nutrition is superior to that of other meal replacements.

First on the list is its protein and amino acid-content. Containing bioavailable whey protein isolate that easily gets absorbed in the body, the Shakeology ingredients immediately begin working to rebuild muscles and promote growth. The essential amino acids found in whey and the other plant-based protein sources in Shakeology also reduce hunger and food cravings and help to repair wounds and facilitate alertness and mental clarity.

Shakeology also contains 23 vitamins and minerals that include, among others, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B-vitamins, calcium, zinc and magnesium. While these so-called micronutrients may be taken from the fruits and vegetables we eat everyday, it is rare for us to meet the daily recommended intakes because of the limited variety of the food we eat. Vitamins and minerals aid in numerous body functions which, when not taken in sufficient quantities can adversely affect our health. With each Shakeology shake, you meet your required daily intake of these nutrients and experience increased vigor and overall better health.

Shakeology NutritionPowerful green and red superfoods make up the phytonutrient and antioxidant content of Shakeology. Proven by numerous scientific researches to contain disease-fighting flavonoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols, and catechins, the plant sources from which these antioxidants are derived help to rid the body of harmful molecules known as free radicals — the culprit behind both the aging process and the onslaught of degenerative diseases which are so common in today’s society.

By boosting immunity and reducing inflammation, these phytochemicals help to keep you young and healthy, and they can possibly even lengthen your life. As mentioned in our full Shakeology review, these superfoods include Goji berry, Camu camu, spirulina, hydrilla and blueberry, among others.

Prebiotics and digestive enzymes are also present in the Beachbody Shakeology nutrition formulation. They work by optimizing the body’s absorption function, keeping the digestive system healthy, and ensuring that bowel movements are regular. Prebiotics are plant-based components that serve to support the growth of friendly bacteria in your gut. Digestive enzymes, meanwhile, are also derived from plants and help to break down food so that it gets absorbed by the body more efficiently.

As you can see, Shakeology nutrition is clearly something special. This shake packs valuable nutrients into each glass so that you no longer have to worry about getting the nutrition your body craves. You get that and more in each healthy Shakeology drink.

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