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Shakeology Flavors – Greenberry and Chocolate

Shakeology FlavorsThe delicious Shakeology flavors offered by Beachbody are one of the biggest reasons why this best-selling meal replacement shake has become so popular.

Currently available in both Chocolate and Greenberry, the Shakeology shake offers wholesome nutrition in a formula with a taste that is second to none.

There are many meal replacement shakes available on the market today and choosing the best one can be a daunting task. It requires thorough reading of the nutritional serving and ingredients on the labels, and it’s vital that to ensure that the key components of the formulation are balanced and nutritious.

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Unfortunately, there are only a few products that meet these strict standards. Those that are marketed as non-fat or low-fat compensate for taste by adding loads of sugar which still sets you back in your efforts to lose weight. In addition to that, their nutritional formulation is often so lacking that many people find themselves dealing with cravings for snacks that are also chockfull of calories — again, this contributes to more weight gain. With these kinds of so-called “meal replacement products”, you’re doing the cha-cha with your weight loss program: one step forward, two steps back.

There is one meal replacement shake, however, that stands above the rest: Shakeology. A revolutionary, highly-nutritious drink made by Beachbody that contains whole food ingredients sourced from more than 70 different plants from all over the world. With amino acids, digestive enzymes, phytonutrients, prebiotics, vitamins, and minerals, Shakeology is more than a meal replacement shake. It’s complete nutrition in a glass.

The Delicious Shakeology Flavors

At this time, there are two Shakeology flavors:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Greenberry

While this might seem limited compared to the four or five flavors often available with other brands, there are a wide variety of Shakeology recipes that you can use to keep things interesting. You can mix things up with bananas, strawberries, blackberries, oranges, peanut butter, and all kinds of milk to vary the taste of your Shakeology shakes.

Shakeology Flavor Nutrition Facts

A scoop of Chocolate Shakeology provides 17 grams of protein, while one scoop of the Greenberry flavor gives you the 15 grams. Why the difference? There is more protein in the Chocolate flavor because of the added chocolate and cocoa powders. The base is the same for both, however.

A common misconception about these two flavors also is that food coloring may be used. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Shakeology is an all-natural formulation. No additives are used. For both flavors, the base composed of spirulina, chlorella herbal powders, fruit powders, and vegetable powders provide the shake with a green color. However, the added cocoa powders and chocolate powders for the chocolate variety give it its characteristic brown color.

Many who buy Shakeology have an easy affinity for the chocolate flavor. It goes down smoothly even if it’s just mixed with water. It also goes down well with milk. Greenberry, meanwhile, takes a little getting used to for some. This flavor is usually enhanced with the addition of citrus fruits, however, it doesn’t hold the characteristic bitter aftertaste that is so common in other meal replacement shakes.

The many different recipes available for these two Shakeology flavors makes it such a versatile product to drink everyday. A simple addition of fruits, soy milk, or yogurt can make this meal replacement beverage even more delicious, and because it’ss so dense with nutrients, you won’t feel hungry when you use it as part of your weight loss program.

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