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Does Shakeology Work?

So, does Shakeology work or is this popular meal replacement shake by Beachbody simply a product of overdone hype? In this article, we’ll take an inside look at whether or not the Shakeology meal replacement product really does work and why so many are saying that it’s “the healthiest meal of the day”.

Where nutrition supplements are concerned, you can’t really put a whole lot of trust in the claim of manufacturers alone. This is the reason why testimonials from real-life customers are very important — they give you a good idea as to how a product works and whether it has lived up to its manufacturer’s claims.

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Does Shakeology Work? Shakeology Testimonials

Does Shakeology WorkWhile you may be convinced as to the effectiveness of a particular product when you hear a lot of regular customers give a thumbs up review, what would your reaction be if medical professionals from such diverse fields as gastroenterology, psychiatry, and even chiropractic care back it up?

This is exactly the kind of endorsement that Beachbody’s Shakeology shake has received. Because of its balanced formulation of natural herbs, fruits and vegetables, as well as digestive enzymes, Shakeology is a surefire way to increase your metabolism, boost your immune system healthy, and keep you protected from disease. It’s a nutrient-rich weight loss drink that’s low in calories and when combined with a regular exercise regimen, aids in your efforts to lose those excess pounds.

Those who have replaced one or two meals a day with Shakeology are living proof that it works. The long threads in discussion boards simply attest to it, and it is not uncommon to read comments like: “I have reduced food cravings,” “I feel energized,” or “I’ve lost weight.” It is not also uncommon to find Shakeology videos on YouTube of ecstatic customers proudly showing off their tighter and leaner bodies after replacing meals with this drink and combining it with an exercise regimen.

How Effective is Shakeology? Doctor Reviews and Opinions

As mentioned, the Shakeology meal replacement product has even received the mark of approval of more than 100 doctors in the United States…

Dr. Dale Christensen, an emergency medicine physician from Provo, Utah has this to say: “I get excited about Shakeology because it tastes so good, and yet at the same time I know I’m getting the best nutrition I can possibly get in a meal. It’s kind of like I’m cheating, but I’m not. You got your protein, your carbohydrates, you got some healthy fats, fiber, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and then antioxidants, all just compressed into that 140-calorie drink and that’s hard to get in any other kind of food. And the cost, you look at the cost of Shakeology versus going out and having a meal, a fast food meal, it’s half the cost, and again, you’re getting 10 times the nutrients.”

Dr. Kristen Giles, a chiropractor, from California agrees: “There’s just no other product on the market out there that has this same amount of protein with all the other added benefits of the minerals, nutrients, enzyme blend, the super fruit blend, the probiotic blend . . . the list just goes on and on!”

As you can clearly see, Shakeology really does work and it’s earned the reputation it has among customers and health practitioners alike by delivering comprehensive, whole food nutrition in each glass.

Still have more questions? Be sure to read our Shakeology FAQ page for more answers.

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