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Shakeology Cleanse – How to Do the Shakeology Cleanse

Shakeology CleanseThe Shakeology cleanse has quickly become a popular option for individuals who want to detox their bodies and cleanse the internal toxins that have built-up over many years. Shakeology cleansing is a great way to do this, and an approach that is much more pleasant than many other alternatives.

When people hear someone mention detox cleansing programs or colon cleanse systems, they immediately have mental images of uncomfortable procedures or processes intended to facilitate bowel movements and cleanse the stomach. At the very least, these words conjure up ideas of strange-tasting concoctions made of lemon juice or apple cider. In a traditional cleansing diet, the main goal is always to lose weight, but this is not the case with the Shakeology cleanse.

Before diving into the specifics of the Shakeology cleansing program, let’s take a second to talk a little about what exactly Shakeology is. Shakeology is a meal replacement shake developed by Beachbody, a leading name in home fitness. It’s made from over 70 different whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, and digestive enzymes — and it promotes overall health and wellness by protecting the body against oxidative stress, increasing energy levels, and boosting the immune and digestive system functions. Shakeology is easy to prepare, and comes in 2 delicious flavors: chocolate and greenberry.

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What is the Shakeology Cleanse?

Shakeology CleansingThe Shakeology cleanse is different than other approaches to the detoxification process on many different levels.

First, it’s the only cleansing program today that does not starve you or weaken you. Unlike most calorie-restricting cleansing regimens that stress the body needlessly because of its lack of nutrients, the “Shakeology fast” restricts calories without depriving you of the nutrients your body needs to fuel your workouts and other day-to-day activities. It does this so that your body can return back to homeostasis and thus function more effectively. Shakeology contains proteins, amino acids, prebiotics, adaptogens, and antioxidants that ensure you still meet your nutrient intake even if you don’t take in as many calories.

Secondly, the Shakeology cleanse is different because it does not make weight loss its primary goal. Rather, it’s a desirable effect that tells you that your body has already attained that much-sought after balance or homeostasis when your body has already gotten rid of all the junk in your system.

The essence of the Shakeology cleansing regimen is that it follows a regular eating schedule as closely as possible — fruits, vegetables, and protein, in meals taken in small and frequent portions. This fast is designed to be done for 3 days, although some see results in as early as the one or two days. After 3 days, it’s recommended that you discontinue the cleanse and drink only one Shakeology shake per day.

Shakeology Cleanse Video

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Shakeology Cleanse Instructions

The Shakeology cleanse itself is very easy to follow.

First, you should drink three Shakeology shakes mixed with water a day. You may also have a piece or two of fruit everyday, two cups of green tea, and a salad for dinner which can include poultry or fish. An important feature in this cleanse is that you need to keep your body hydrated with lots of water — about two to four liters.

A typical cleanse would look like this: Upon waking up, have a cup of green tea. For breakfast, have a scoop of Shakeology mixed in cold 8 oz. water. Include a piece of fruit if you wish. Then, have an apple or banana or any fruit of your choice for your morning snacks. For lunch, have another Shakeology shake and another cup of green tea. Drink your last Shakeology cleanse shake for the day as an afternoon snack, followed later by dinner which should consist of salad (go easy on the dressing!) and grilled white meat or fish.

Shakeology Cleanse Results & Reviews

Many individuals who have tried the Shakeology cleanse have seen nothing short of amazing results, ranging from weight loss to improved skin, hair, and nails. Be sure to read our full Shakeology review to learn more about the exciting benefits you can experience by drinking this revolutionary meal replacement shake.

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